What are some of the other common S1 customizations?

This FAQ applies only to the old style system (S1), which is no longer supported.
Switch to S2 for the latest features and themes.

The howto journal houses various customization-related tutorials. Its memories contain the complete list of the available tutorials, including ones that aren't listed below. If your desired effect isn't included in this list, you can learn more about S1 to create the customization you want.

Images at the Top of Your Journal

To add an image to the top of your journal, you will first need to add a background image. You can then move the contents of your journal lower on the page by using the "Shifting Journal Contents Downward" HowTo tutorial.

Renaming Current Mood and Music

Changing the "currents" text in S1 requires the use of a custom style, which is an account with Professional package of service benefit. If you have an account with Professional package of service, the "Renaming current mood and current music" tutorial explains how to change the current text.

Moving Your Entries to One Side

You can move your entries to one side of the screen, or change the size of the entry tables, by using a "Content Resize Realign" tutorial. These tutorials are style-specific, so make sure that you pick the one that corresponds to the style you are using.

Navigation Links

Some styles allow you to customize your journal's navigation links. If you are using one of these styles, you can use a "Navigation Banner" tutorial to add or alter text in your journal's header.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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