How do I upload images to Scrapbook?

You can upload new images to your Scrapbook either by pressing the Upload link in the upper right corner of your Scrapbook (or any of your albums), or by pressing the Insert/Edit Image button while posting an entry. After uploading files you can post pictures to your journal, move them to a different album, and manage your images.

Uploading images

Marked-up image of the upload dialog box
When you upload an image you have several options available. You can edit the title or description, re-arrange the images, change the security level for all of the images, choose which album they should go into or create a new album, set one of the images as the cover image for that album, or add more images to the upload.
  • Title: Your image's title will be pre-filled with the name of the file you've uploaded; to change it simply type in a new title.

  • Description: You can add a description for each image by typing in the large box just below the image title.

  • Security: To change the security of the images you are uploading click on the security icon in the lower-right of the dialog box. This selection affects all of the images you are uploading.

  • Album: You can choose which album to upload your new images into by choosing an album from the dropdown list in the lower-left of the dialog box. You can also create a new album by selecting "Create new" and typing in the name of the new album.

  • Album cover: You can select one of the images in your upload to be the album cover for your selected album. Make sure that you've selected the right image by clicking on the thumbnail above and checking the "Album cover" checkbox.

  • Re-arrange: You can re-arrange the order that the images are added to your chosen album by clicking on an image thumbnail and dragging it around until it has changed position.

  • Add more images: To add more images to the upload click on the "Browse" button again.

  • Remove images: If you change your mind and don't want to upload an image, click on the X in the thumbnail box to get rid of it.


Limitations on the images format and their overall amount are described here.

Last Updated: April 19th, 2016

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