How do I let someone from another site read my Friends-Only entries?

In order for your friends to read your Friends-only entries they will need to be logged into LiveJournal in one manner or another. The simplest method is for them to create a LiveJournal account. However, if they have a Google or Twitter account, or if they have an account with a website that supports OpenID (such as Yahoo), they can create an identity account with most of the same features as a standard LiveJournal account.
Once your friends have created an account, you can click on the logo next to their username to reach their Profile page. Add them to your Friends list with the Add Friend button at the top-right of this page.

After you have added the person to your Friends list, they will be able to read your Friends-only entries while logged into LiveJournal, both on the LiveJournal site and in your journal's RSS feed. If they are using an identity account and do not frequently access the site they may find the RSS option convenient.

Last Updated: March 22nd, 2022

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