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How do I control who can post comments in my journal?

After you select who can reply to your entries from the Enable Comments option on the Privacy tab of the My Account Settings page, you also have more options to control or disable comments.

  • Who can reply to your entries:

  • Whose IP addresses you want to log

  • Whose comments you want screened by default

  • Comment Settings Per Entry:
    • While it is possible to disable commenting and change screening options for an individual entry, it is not possible to enable comments on that entry if they have been disabled on the entire journal. (Disabling commenting, either for the entire journal or for a specific entry, will also hide any existing comments.)

    • You can lock your entry for new comments. This option stops new comments on an entry without hiding the comments that have already been made. To enable it while editing the entry choose "Locked" in "Allow Comments?" field.

    • If you raise the security of your entries, you will limit who can comment to people included in that security. This will also prevent anonymous comments because it is not possible to comment anonymously to a protected entry.

    • The web interface allows you to change entry settings when updating your journal or editing an entry

The Privacy tab of the My Account Settings page also has an option to reduce comment spam by showing CAPTCHAs (anti-spam images) to certain categories of users (nobody, anonymous commenters, non-Friends, or everybody). CAPTCHA is shown to users, with social capital less than 15. Please note that CAPTCHAs are sometimes difficult to solve for users with accessibility concerns, such as visually-impaired users. If you know that users with accessibility concerns regularly comment in your journal and their social capital is less than 15, you may wish to limit CAPTCHA usage.

There is also a Spam Protection checkbox on the same Settings page that you can use to automatically mark a certain kind of comment as spam. With this checkbox activated, any comment to your journal that has been identified by our systems as potential spam is automatically screened, marked as spam, and moved to a suspicious comments page. When viewing an individual entry, you will see a '[x] suspicious comments' link with the regular commenting links if any comments have been auto-marked as spam by this feature. You can click this link to review these comments at any time. If a comment is not actually spam, you can use the Not Spam button to move it to the main comments page.

Last Updated: March 13th, 2020

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