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How do I tag my entries? Where can I manage my tags?

Tags are words or short phrases used to organize your journal entries. Add tags to a new entry (or while editing an old entry) by typing the tag name in the Tags field or clicking the "Select Tags" link to the right of the Tags field. Separate multiple tags on the same entry with a comma (eg: "pets, rover").

You can add tags to an old entry by clicking the icon labeled "TAG" or the "Edit Tags" link on the entry. You can view and manage all your tags at the Manage Tags page.

You can also add hashtags to your entry (#tag) - they will be automatically added to the entry's tags, and the entry (if public) will appear in search results for the hashtags it contains. Click on the hashtag in the entry to view search results for this hashtag.


Each tag can have a maximum length of 40 characters. Account without additional packages of services can have at most 4000 different tags. Account with Professional or Permanent package of services can have at most 8000 different tags. If you have more tags than the limit for your account type, you will be unable to create new tags until you delete enough existing tags to go down below the limit. You can see how many tags you have in the statistics section at the top of your User Profile page.

You can have at most 1000 different entries using the same tag. If you use that tag and there are 1000 entries or more using that tag already, the oldest entries will be dropped from the list, even though the tag remains on the entries themselves.

The use of hashtags is not limited, and they don't count towards regular tags limits.

Viewing Tags

Your tag listing shows all of your tags and how often you use them. In certain styles, this page shows security levels for tags which the user has privileges to see; other styles may display tags to users, even though they cannot see the entries with those tags. Hashtags won't appear in this listing.

Single Tag:
View the last 400 entries with a specific tag by replacing tagname with the name of the tag you wish to view.

Multiple Tags:
View the last 100 entries tagged with EITHER tag1 OR tag2 at this URL
If you want to view more than two tags, you can add more to the URL by separating them with commas.

View the last 100 entries with BOTH tag1 AND tag2 at one of these URLs:

Style System: S2 journals show tags on all pages, while S1 journals only show tags on the tag listing and comment pages.

Feeds: You can also filter RSS/ATOM data feeds by particular tags.

Tag Management

The Manage Tags page allows you to view, add, delete, or rename your tags. You can also give other users permission to add or remove tags from your entries and to create new tags in your journal. These permission settings can be granted to everyone, your Friends only, a custom Friends group, or only you. The custom Friends group must be created before it appears on the Manage Tags page. If you have permission to add tags to others' entries, you can only use the Edit Tags link or Tag button to edit tags on entries posted by other users.

This page also shows you the security settings for each tag. Tags inherit security settings based on the entries they are used with. For instance, a tag used on private entries or not used on any entries will be private, so none of your friends will be able to see or use it in your journal. If you use a tag on entries with a mixture of security settings, it will use the least restrictive security setting -- a tag used on a public entry and a private entry is public. There is no way to specify the security of a tag without changing the security level of the entries with that tag, since anyone who can see your entries can also see its tags.

Community Tags

By default, community maintainers can create new tags for the community and community members can add tags to entries; community maintainers must add new tags to entries before members can see or use them for entries. Maintainers can change community tag settings at the Manage Tags page. Community tag permissions can be granted to everyone, members only, a custom Friends group, or maintainers only. You can also allow entry authors to use existing tags, while allowing maintainers to create new tags, with the "Entry's author, maintainers and moderators" setting.

Tags not used on any entry will be private, and only maintainers can see them until they are applied to an entry. If you post an entry with new tags, but do not have permission to create new tags or add existing tags, those tags will be removed from your entry.

Last Updated: November 9th, 2017

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