Who owns a community?

A LiveJournal community is "owned" by the community owner. In most cases, this is the user who created the community or its current sole maintainer. For communities created prior to February 2011, the community owner may be another individual, as explained below. All communities must have an owner, and a community owner has all the same abilities as a community maintainer, plus:
  • the ability to remove maintainers;
  • the ability to delete the community;
  • the ability to rename the community.

Communities created prior to February 2011:

The "Community Owner" status was created in early 2011. Communities created prior to that date do not have an owner, and LiveJournal has created a way to easily determine the owner:
  • For communities with a sole maintainer: The maintainer is set as community owner through an automated script.
  • For communities with multiple maintainers:
    • If the user who created the community is a maintainer, they are automatically set as the community owner.
    • If the creator of the community is not a maintainer, the user who has been maintainer the longest is automatically set as the community owner.
    • If the system is unable to determine who has been maintainer the longest, or if it cannot determine who created the community, an election is created for the maintainers to decide for themselves.

Owner Elections

For communities with multiple maintainers where the longest serving maintainer cannot be easily determined, an election is created for each of the maintainers to vote on who should be designated as the community owner. The election remains open until all maintainers have voted and a majority vote has occurred. If three weeks pass and no single maintainer has a majority of votes, the poll will remain open until a vote is adjusted to allow for a winner. The ability to perform owner-level tasks (add/remove maints, rename, delete) will remain disabled until an owner is chosen.

If you are a maintainer in a community that requires an election, you will receive an email notifying you of this fact, containing a link to the election page. You can change your vote at any time until the election is closed, at which point the new community owner will receive an email notifying them that they have been elected.

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Last Updated: March 2nd, 2011

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