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Frequently Asked Question #222. How do I post an entry to my journal?

Use the Post page to post entries to your journal. If you are using the adaptive version in your mobile browser or the old design, the old editor can be used to create entries.
You can also update your journal using mobile apps or email posting.
An entry you are creating on the "New Post" page immediately looks the way it will appear after being published.
Different formatting options are available for the text when you select the text or some of its parts. You can upload images (even from a clipboard) and videos. You can also mention other users, embed other LiveJournal entries and create automatic previews for links from other sites.
To summon the menu for additional features, place your cursor on a new line or press "Enter", then click on the "+" (plus) button on the left.

Entry Auto-Save
All entries you've started writing but haven't published are saved as drafts. You can edit, delete or publish each of them. To get to the drafts managing page, click on the "Drafts" link at the bottom-left of the New Post page.
Up to 100 drafts can be stored at a time. If you've reached this limit, for each new saved draft the oldest draft will be deleted automatically.
You can also share your unpublished draft with another person by giving them a unique secret link to your draft. To get the link, open your draft and click "Draft link" at the bottom of the page - the link will be copied to your clipboard automatically. Through this link, the draft will be accessible to anyone, regardless of privacy settings.

Pasting text from external sources
If you paste an entry from an external application or other site and if your browser supports it, HTML markup will be automatically inserted to preserve formatting. Although the formatting code is not visible, it contains a lot of symbols that may drastically increase the size of your entry, which is limited. Should you wish to avoid this and paste unformatted text, you can first paste the text into a simple text editor like Notepad, and then copy the text from Notepad to paste in on the New Post page. Alternatively, you can paste formatted text by right-clicking on the New Post page and choosing "Paste as plain text" if your browser has this option, or using Ctrl+Shift+V key combination to paste this way.

Old entry editor

The old entry editor has two ways to create or later edit your journal entries. The Rich Text editor offers buttons for styling and formatting your entry; the HTML editor allows you to directly enter HTML code with your entry. You can switch between the Rich Text editor and the HTML editor at any time by clicking on the tabs next to the entry's Subject field. You may also choose either editor as your default using the options on the display tab of the settings page.

Additionally, you can create entries with LiveJournal's Bookmarklet while using the old entry editor.

Entry Auto-Save
While you are logged in, the old editor page uses JavaScript to save your entry text every 30 seconds; other entry settings (such as the selected userpic) are not saved. When you reopen the Post an Entry page, you will be prompted to restore the entry from the auto-save draft. The draft will be cleared when you post your entry or choose to discard the auto-save draft.

Pasting text from external sources
If you paste an entry from an external application or other site into the Rich Text Editor, and if your browser, operating system, and application support it, the Rich Text Editor will automatically insert HTML markup to preserve the formatting. To avoid this, you can switch to the HTML editor before you paste your text into the entry (this will remove all the tags and formatting that would have been inserted with the text), or switch to it afterward (this will show the tags and will let you remove the ones you don't want).

Note that pasting from some applications will sometimes add characters that are not UTF-8 and cause error messages or incorrect characters.

Last Updated: October 21st, 2021

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