Where can I read the entries my Friends post? What is a Friends page?

Your Friends page displays the most recent entries from your entire Friends list or certain users of your choice. RSS feeds and notifications can also notify you when your Friends post new entries.

Friends Page

  • Display Limits: If your Friends have posted more entries than appear on your Friends page, then you can follow links on the page to view their older entries. However, your Friends page will only display up to 1000 of the entries posted in the last two weeks. If you have an account with Professional or Permanent package of service you may also view your Friends page from any day by appending the date to the Friends page URL in this format: https://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends/?date=YYYY-MM-DD, where YYYY-MM-DD is the date in the year-month-day format, eg. 2009-01-06 for January 6, 2009. Note that month and day must have 2 digits, even for January-September or the first 9 days of the month.

  • Order: Entries on your Friends page are listed by the server time they are received to prevent entries from being hidden behind other entries in different time zones. However, the displayed entry date is based on the user's computer or chosen by the user. The combination of these two dates can cause entries to appear to be out of order based on the displayed time, despite being posted in order by the server time.

  • Customization & Friends Colors: You can customize the appearance of your Friends page in the same way that you can customize your journal page. This allows you to change things such as the overall layout of the page, its colors, and the number of entries that appear on it. Many friends page styles also use foreground and background colors for your Friends when displaying your Friends' entries.

Filtering Your Friends Page

You can use three methods to filter your Friends page.
  1. Custom Friends Groups:
    • Friends Filter Page: The Friends Filter page will display entries from any combination of groups.

    • Add the Group Name: You can also go directly to a filtered version of your Friends page by appending the group's name to the end of your Friends page URL. For example, if you had a friends group called group1, you could visit https://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends/group1 to see only entries from members of group1.

    • Default View and Mobile View: If you create a custom friends group named Default View, your standard Friends page will display entries from your "Default View" group. The Mobile View custom friends group filters the users on your Mobile Friends Page. (If you do not have a "Mobile View" configured, then this page will show entries from members of your Default View, if any, or all of your friends.)

    • Unfiltered Friends Page: You can make your Friends page display unfiltered, ignoring your Default View, by appending ?filter=0 to the URL: https://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends/?filter=0.

  2. Tag filter: you can choose what entries from journal / community you want to see on your Friend’s page:
    • all the entries from the journal / community (set by default);

    • entries with certain tags only;

    • entries except those with certain tags.

    You can choose tags on the following pages:
    • In profile: when you add a journal / community with the help of "Add Friend" / "Watch" in the profile. On the Add friend page you can choose the tags you want / don’t want to read in this journal or community. If the journal / community is already in your Friend’s list, you can use the button "Modify Friend" / "Modify Watch" in the profile.

    • On the "Manage friends" page: use the link "select tags".

    In any case you’ll see the Modify friend / Modify watch page. Find the field "Modify entries feed" and click "Modify entries feed". Then choose the tags you want / don’t want to read by clicking on them in the list (you can also type them in the field "Select more" separated with commas) and save changes.

    There is a limit of 64 kilobytes for the total size of the text of the tags you have set for your Friends page.

    When you open your Friend’s page you’ll see the entries according to chosen preferences. This Friend’s page is available only after you log into your lj-account. Other users or anonymous visitors will see the full page with all public entries.

    If you want to see entries with all tags (even those you filtered) while you are logged in, you can either visit the journal / community itself or add "?notags=1" to the URL on your Friend’s page: https://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends/?notags=1.

  3. Journal Type:


In the new design version, there are certain widgets that are displayed on the right of the Friends Feed page:
  • Twitter feed. This widget displays your news feed from the social network. If you wish to view your Twitter feed, press "Login to Twitter" button, login to your Twitter account and press "Authorize".

  • LJ Magazine Today. This widget displays new entries from the LJ Magazine.

  • LiveJournal Today. This widget displays most popular entries in LiveJournal at this moment.

  • Events and Comments. This widget displays new events in your journal (for instance, when you receive a message or someone adds you as a friend) and your latest received comments.

  • Guests. This widget displays latest guests in your journal. More information on how your journal's guests statistics is formed can be found here.

  • Entries. This widget displays new entries in journals you have visited recently but not listed as your friends.

Editing widget area. When you hover the cursor over the widget, following buttons appear in its upper right corner:
  • Upward/downward arrow — moves the widget up/down in the list

  • Cross — widget is hidden from the list

If you want to display hidden widget again, press "Add widget+" button on the top of the list and choose preferred widget from the dropdown menu.

Other Notification Methods

RSS Feeds and notifications can also notify you when your Friends post new entries.

Last Updated: February 18th, 2022

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