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How do I add external content/free text/"widgets" to my journal?

Some layouts in the S2 style system allow you to enter a short piece of text that goes on your journal in a Free Text section, variously known as a "Blurb" or "About this Journal" section. Other layouts allow a "sticky post" that stays at the top of the style. → See list

This text can be added via the Customize Journal Style page. The exact location of the option varies by style.

The Free Text section supports any HTML allowed on LiveJournal, which makes it the appropriate place to add code for external widgets. Note, however, that the external code cannot use embedding tags, JavaScript, or Flash.

If you wish to add a Free Text area to a layout that does not support one, then you will need to create your own custom layer or style, which is a benefit of an account with Permanent or Professional package of service.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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