Frequently Asked Question #212. Why can't I post an entry in a community?

There are several different reasons why you cannot post to a community: these include lack of a validated email address, community membership, or posting access. Additionally, you may need to log out and back into your mobile app or you may be experiencing problems with a moderated community.

  • Validate your email address: You cannot post to communities with an unvalidated address.

  • Join the community: Most communities do not allow posting by non-members. Adding a community to your Friends list is not the same as joining it, and does not affect your ability to post.

  • Gain Posting Access: If you have already joined the community, you may not have posting access. If the community is not listed in the "Posting Access" list at the bottom of your User Profile page, but is listed in your "Member Of" list, then you will need to contact the community owner or maintainer and request that you be granted posting access.

  • Log out of your app: If you have recently joined the community and are trying to post from your mobile app, you may need to log out and log back in so that your app can recognize your posting access to the community.

  • Moderated Communities: In a moderated community, entries are not posted directly to the community. Instead they are put into the moderation queue, where the community moderator(s) must approve them before they are posted to the community. After a moderator approves or rejects your entry, you will receive an email notifying you of that decision.

    • "Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached": You have reached the maximum number of entries you can put into the community's moderation queue. The maximum number is 1 for communities without additional packages and 5 for communities with Professional or Permanent package of service. You will not be able to post another entry to the queue until a community moderator has approved or rejected one of your entries already in the queue.

    • "Moderation queue full": The moderation queue is full. The queue can hold 250 entries, and no one can post new entries until a community moderator has approved or rejected some of the existing queued entries.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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