How do I mark a comment as spam? What does this option do?

If you receive a spam comment to your journal (unsolicited advertising), you can use the Spam link or button to mark the comment as spam. This will delete the comment, submit it as spam, and ban the user from further commenting in your journal. All other comments by the same user in the entry will also be deleted.

Additionally, if you suspect that the user may be a bot, and not a real person leaving spam comments, you can submit a bot report.
When you mark a comment as spam, this information is sent to LiveJournal administrators who are then able to take the appropriate action. Please note that all such information is carefully reviewed by a human being before any action is taken, so any erroneous or accidental marking of comments as spam will not automatically result in incorrect action being taken. Even so, please only use this option if you believe the comment in question to be spam.

Please do not use the spam reporting interface to report comments which are off-topic, harassing, or that you feel are violations of the Terms of Service but are not spam. This system is used solely for identifying users who are using LiveJournal to advertise services or products in journals where such advertisements are not desired, and any reports which are not unsolicited advertising will be disregarded. You can report other violations of the Terms of Service by contacting the Abuse Prevention Team.

If you frequently receive spam comments, you have the option to show CAPTCHAs (an anti-spam image) to certain categories of commenters. This may reduce the amount of spam comments you receive.

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Last Updated: August 19th, 2011

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