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Frequently Asked Question #20. How do I ban/unban a user from commenting in my journal?

If you are having problems with a certain user, but you'd still like to allow comments by other people who aren't on your Friends List, you can ban the specific user from posting comments in your journal. To be effective, you should also disable or screen anonymous commenting. You can ban a user when you delete a comment they made, or manually from the Ban and Unban Users page.

Banning a User

When you delete a comment from any LiveJournal user, a checkbox shows up that lets you ban them. If the checkbox is selected, that user will be unable to leave further comments in your journal.

If you want to ban a user without deleting a comment, or ban multiple users at once, you can ban them using the Ban and Unban Users page. Enter the usernames in the text box, separated by commas, then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Banning will:
  • Prevent the user from leaving non-anonymous comments in your journal when logged in.
  • Prevent the user from being able to edit their comments previously left in your journal.
  • Prevent the user from marking posts in your journal as liked.
  • Prevent the user from voting in any polls that you post in your journal or in a community.
  • Prevent the user from sending you Virtual Gifts or Private Messages.
  • Hide that user's name from the "Friend of" list on your profile.
  • Prevent the user from joining a community, if not already a member.
  • Prevent the user from commenting your entries in any community (with exception of communities owned, maintained or moderated by that user).
  • Prevent the user from answering your comments in any journal or community (with exception of that user's entries in his personal journal or community, or any entries in a community owned, maintained or moderated by that user).
  • Prevent notifications from being sent if the user adds you to their Friends list.
  • Prevent notifications from being sent if the user responds to your comments in other journals or communities.
  • Prevent notifications on any new comments in the user's journal from being sent.
  • Prevent notifications from being sent if the user publishes a link to your public entry or mentions your username using the <lj user> tag.
  • Prevent notifications from being sent if the user posts a new entry.
  • Prevent user from getting tokens for paid reposts of entries in your journal.
Banning will not:
  • Prevent the user from seeing your journal entries.
  • Prevent the user from deleting their comments from your journal.
  • Prevent the user from seeing poll results, if allowed by poll result security.
  • Prevent the user from leaving anonymous comments, whether logged in or not; you may wish to disable or screen anonymous comments for your entry and/or entire journal.
  • Remove the user from your Friends list or prevent them from seeing your protected entries if they are on your Friends list.
  • Remove the user from community membership or prevent the user from seeing Member-only entries.
  • Remove you from the user's Friends list or prevent them from adding you to it.

Banning a Community

You can ban community accounts from your journal by banning the community's username. Doing so will hide that community from the "Member of" list on your profile; you also will not receive notifications from that community anymore, even if you are a member. Banning a community will not prevent you from posting entries in that community, making comments in that community, receiving replies to comments you have made in that community, or prevent entries in the community from appearing on your Friends page.

Unbanning a User

You can unban a user using the Ban and Unban Users page. From the list of banned users in your journal, select the usernames you would like to unban and click the Save Changes button. You can find a link to this page on the Privacy tab of the My Account Settings page.

Anonymous Comments

While it is possible to disable all anonymous comments, it is not possible to ban someone from posting anonymous comments by IP address. If you could ban someone from commenting by IP address, you would end up banning other people too, and the person you wanted to ban could still post anonymous comments from a computer that connects to the Internet differently.

Comments from OpenID users

Banning an OpenID user from commenting in your journal works the same as banning a LiveJournal user. When you delete an OpenID comment, you will have the option to ban the user from commenting further.

If you want to ban an OpenID user without deleting a comment, you can still use the Ban and Unban Users page; however, first you will need to find the internal username used for the OpenID user. The easiest way to find this name is go to the user's profile by clicking the OpenID logo (OpenID logo icon). In the statistics section at the top, find the line that looks like this:
0 Memories, 0 Virtual Gifts, 0 Userpics
Each of these statistics link to a page ending with a name of the form ext_num, for example, ext_1. This is the username you will need to ban, using the methods given above, replacing ext_1 with the correct username.

Using the Admin Console

It is possible to ban and unban users and view a list of banned users using the Admin Console. First, make sure you are logged in. Then, these commands can be used in the Admin Console:
  • Banning the user username: ban_set username
  • Unbanning the user username: ban_unset username
  • View a list of users banned from your journal: ban_list
The console commands for ban management in a community you maintain are slightly different.

Using the Hover Menu

You can also use the Hover Menu to ban and unban users. To do this, click on the Ban user or Unban user link on the Hover Menu that appears for the user you wish to ban or unban.

Last Updated: October 10th, 2018

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