Frequently Asked Question #199. Can I link my journals together? How do I update another journal without logging out?

You have three options (posting as another user, using an app, and closed communities) to update other journals without logging out of your current account, but two or more journals cannot be linked together under a single username. If you wish to combine two journals, you must manually copy entries from one journal to the other.

  • Post as Another User: Click the link labelled Change next to your username on the Post an Entry page to post an entry in a different journal, while you remain logged into the current account.

  • Mobile App: Certain apps allow you to log in as multiple users simultaneously. However, you will need to consult your preferred app's documentation and menu options to determine whether this feature is available.

  • Closed Community: If a secondary journal has no entries, you can convert it into a community with closed membership, then grant posting access to your primary account. After conversion, you can use your primary account to post entries directly to the closed community, but you can no longer use the new community's username to post entries or comments.

Last Updated: January 27th, 2017

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