Can I cross-post an entry in multiple journals or communities?

LiveJournal does not offer an automatic cross-posting feature from its web interface. However, you do have several options for achieving a similar effect.
  • You can copy your entry created in new editor with Duplicate button. It will open editor with text of original entry where you could change it or post to community.
  • You can compose and post a separate new entry in each of the desired journals or communities.

  • You can post the full entry in one journal or community and then link directly to that entry from the other journals or communities. When using this method, you may want to disable comments on all entries but the original to ensure that all comments are made in the same place.
Please note that some communities have strict guidelines regarding cross-posting. Ensure you check the relevant Community Info pages for any rules or guidelines prior to cross-posting. Some may specifically prohibit cross-posting while others may simply just require that you use an lj-cut.

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Last Updated: March 11th, 2020

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