What are LiveJournal's policies regarding commercial activity, spam, and other forms of promotion?

The following types of activity are generally permitted on LiveJournal (and not considered as advertisement by default):
  • publishing donation buttons and entries with requests for donations;
  • publishing links to other resources, including commercial ones;
  • informing about services you provide and goods you sell (not enterprise related);
  • publishing reviews and analytics on goods and services.

Further types of activity are prohibited in LiveJournal:
  • Spam (sending advertisement and other information to users who did not express their wish to receive this information)
  • Using accounts solely for SEO
  • Selling and re-selling access to LiveJournal accounts
  • Cybersquatting (registration of the account with a fancy username in order to resell it)

Please note that some LiveJournal services may have their own requirements and restrictions on publishing commercial information. All materials published in your journal must adhere to the law at all times.

Accounts responsible for spam, SEO, and selling/re-selling access to the accounts, may be permanently terminated.

Last Updated: July 1st, 2019

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