Where can I find userpics? How do I give credit for a userpic?

You can either create your own userpic or find one online. Once you find a userpic you would like to use, upload it to your account and add keywords. You may also wish to credit the creator of your userpic.

Creating Your Own Userpic

If you want your userpic to include text, animation, or other graphic effects, you will need an image editing program. If you do not have an image editing program, you can use your favorite search engine to find one. The image you create will need to fit LiveJournal's userpic size and format requirements.

If your image is a JPEG or PNG image and you are uploading it from your computer, you can use the Create Userpic page to resize it.

Finding a userpic online

You can find a userpic from a website or by searching for a LiveJournal community that shares userpics. If you find an image from a website or community, be sure that you are authorized to use the image and do not infringe on any copyright associated with the image.

Crediting a userpic

You may wish to credit the creator of one of your userpics in the User bio of your profile, an entry, userpic comments, or userpic keywords. Some creators require credit as a condition for using their userpic. In these cases, you should contact the creator to check what forms of credit are acceptable.

Last Updated: August 23rd, 2014

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