Why do I receive an "incorrect time value" error when I try to update?

The information in this FAQ is outdated.

This error message indicates that you are trying to post an entry that is dated earlier than your most recent entry. That is, the date and time on your entries must be in chronological order. You can avoid this error by using the "Do not add to friends page and RSS" option on any entries that are deliberately mis-dated.
  • Future-dated entries: If you have an entry dated far into the future (to keep it at the "top" of your journal), you should enable the "Do not add to friends page and RSS" option for that entry. Setting this option means that you deliberately changed the date on this entry and prevents you from receiving an "incorrect time value" error on your later entries.

  • Mis-dated entries: If the date or time of your latest entry is incorrect, you can edit the entry and correct the date or time on that entry. This will allow you to continue posting entries normally, without the use of the "Date Out of Order" option.

  • Incorrect time on new entries:

    • Check the time: If all of your existing entries have the correct date and time, then your new entry probably has an incorrect date or time. Check the date and time fields; changing them back to the current time will allow you to post your entry.

    • Enable JavaScript: If you update your journal from a web browser with JavaScript disabled, the web client will fill in the form automatically with LiveJournal's server time instead of your local time; the difference between the two can cause this error.

Note that entries cannot be dated before January 1, 1970, and cannot be dated after December 31, 2037.

Last Updated: August 5th, 2021

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