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Frequently Asked Question #190. Why do I receive errors when trying to make a payment?

LiveJournal uses various security measures to reduce credit card fraud, but these security measures sometimes prevent legitimate payments. Email accounts@livejournal.com if you continue to experience problems in making a payment.
  • AVS Mismatch: This occurs when your provided address and/or postal code could not be verified with the records of your financial institution.
    • If you are sure your address is correct, try contacting your financial institution to make sure they have the correct address on file.
    • If you are using a gift card and getting this error, make sure to include any address on the form. Leaving off an address completely will result in an automatic AVS error.
    • If you are a Canadian resident and you are getting continued AVS error messages, try leaving off your postal code when paying.

  • Error Processing Payment: This Transaction Has Been Declined: A credit card can be declined for many reasons. One common problem is that your credit card verification number or address does not match. If you are continually getting this error message, please contact accounts@livejournal.com or your credit card provider.

  • Open Proxy Detected: LiveJournal does not process payments from users with open proxies. Please contact accounts@livejournal.com if you are unable to make a payment due to this error.

For any of these error messages, your credit card provider may place a temporary hold on your funds for this authorization. Your funds should be released after a short period of time, and your card will not be charged. Contact your credit card provider for more information.

Last Updated: August 31st, 2006

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