How do I change the appearance of the main LiveJournal pages?

The information in this FAQ only applies if you are using the old design of LiveJournal.

LiveJournal uses schemes to control the appearance of the main page and other pages displaying the LiveJournal logo. When you first use LiveJournal you see the default site scheme (called Horizon), but you can change to a different scheme at the display tab of the settings page.
You can also view one page with a particular scheme, without changing the scheme for all pages. Add ?usescheme=name to the end of the URL, where name is the name of the scheme that you would like to use. If the page already has a ? in its URL, then add &usescheme=name instead.


Horizon is the default scheme used when you first use LiveJournal. It has links to many of the various pages you'll use to navigate across LiveJournal, arranged in several dropdown menus across the top of the screen.

Preview Horizon on your profile.


Vertigo has a similar look and feel to Horizon, but all of the links are arranged vertically down the left side of the screen.

Preview Vertigo on your profile.


Lynx is a bare-bones site scheme with no navigation links. It's useful for those using limited bandwidth or screen size or those who want to print entries .

Preview Lynx on your profile.


Lanzelot is only available to users who have opted into Cyrillic Services. It is similar to Horizon in that the various menus are arranged horizontally, but it also includes several links specific to a Russian or eastern-European audience.

Preview Lanzelot on your profile.

Last Updated: November 2nd, 2018

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