What is "watching" a community? How do I separate them from the rest of my Friends page?

"Watching" a community adds a community to your Friends list. Your username will appear on the Community Profile under "Watched By" and the community's public entries will show on your Friends page.

Joining a community is separate from watching it

Unless you join the community (become a member), you will not be able to see protected community entries. Some communities also prevent non-members from posting entries or comments.

Filtering options

You have three options to watch journals (personal, community, news, or syndicated) separately from the rest of your Friends:
  • Use custom friends groups, particularly the Default View group;
  • Remove the journal from your Friends list and view its entries by visiting the account directly;
  • ?show= Add ?show=C (communities), ?show=N (news), ?show=P (personal), or ?show=Y (syndicated) to the end of your friends page URL to show entries for that type of journal.
  • Advanced technique for filtering specific communities from the Friends of Friends page (users of accounts with Professional package of service only).
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    1. Create a new custom friends group specifically for communities you have no interest in watching.
    2. Watch the community or syndicated feed that you don't wish to see. Make sure to remove it from your 'Default View' group, and add it to the throwaway group you created in step 1.
    3. Go back to your Friends of Friends page and see that the community/feed you added in step 2 is now gone. This is because you are now technically friends with it, even though you won't read it on your Friends Page, and so it won't also be displayed on your Friends of Friends page.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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