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Frequently Asked Question #175. How do I change the appearance of my comment pages or other users' comment pages?

Comment pages default to displaying in either your journal style or in your chosen site scheme, depending on your account level and/or your style system.

Your Comment Pages

Your ability to use custom comment pages depends on your account level and style system.

Other Comment Pages

Since other users can change their comment pages too, you can either set single pages or all pages to your style.
  • Single Pages: Add ?style=mine to the end of a comment page's URL to temporarily display that comment page in your style. If the URL already has a ? mark in it, such as ?mode=reply or ?nc=, then add &style=mine instead.
  • All Pages: Enable the View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style option on the Display tab of the My Account Settings page. This option automatically adds ?style=mine to the URLs of comment pages on your Friends page, so you always see your style on other users' comment pages.
  • All Journal Pages: Users of accounts with Professional and Permanent packages of service can make all journal pages display in their style, including comment pages. To do so, enable the View all journals and communities in my own style option on the Display tab of the My Account Settings page, or click the View in my style link on the Navigation Strip. This option does not add ?style=mine to the URLs of comment pages, so if you want to see a comment page in its original style, you must turn off this option.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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