What can I easily customize? Which options are supported by each public layout?

Once you've selected your journal's theme, you can change your options on the Customize Journal Style page.
The options on this page will allow you to make simple changes to a variety of customization options, including:
  • Title and subtitle

  • Number of entries displayed on your recent entries or friends page

  • Mood theme

  • Navigation strip options

  • Custom text, such as comment links or free text areas

  • Language used for comment links, navigation links, and dates

  • Links List

  • Custom CSS

Each public S2 layout supports different customization features. If the option that you are interested in does not appear in the layout you selected, you may select a different layout that does support that option.

Common S2 customization.
Advanced S2 customization.
Features available according to layout.
Layouts supporting specific features.

Last Updated: August 4th, 2021

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