What is the old style system? How do I switch my journal to or from it?

The information in this FAQ is outdated, Style System 1 (S1) is no longer supported.

All new LiveJournal accounts and most existing journals are set to use a style system known as Style System 2, or S2. In Style System 1 (S1), LiveJournal's old style system, you would use overrides and the Edit Style page to customize your journal. Style System 2 (S2) has a simple and easy-to-use "wizard" interface that is an easy and flexible way to customize your journal. Additionally, S2 allows in-depth, advanced customization using a LiveJournal-specific programming language.

Use the Switch Style System page to switch between the two style systems. You can find a link to this page from the main Journal Display pages. When you switch your journal between S1 and S2, each style system's settings are saved so you can try the other style system without losing the settings for your current one.

Last Updated: October 8th, 2020

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