How do I suggest new features or improvements for LiveJournal?

If you have an idea for LiveJournal, you should submit it at the Suggestions page. Before you submit your idea, you should read through the suggestions community and use community tags to check for similar ideas. You can also give your feedback about the site.

You can go to the Support Center if you would like to report a bug or if you have a question about an existing feature.
LiveJournal is an ongoing project, and its developers are always working to introduce new features or improve on existing features to make them more efficient and reliable. The ideas for these new features and improvements often come directly from users. You may view suggestions' entries by subject using the categorization tags which are linked along the left side of the community's main page.

Submitting a Suggestion

  1. Before making a suggestion, please use the tags to review previous ideas and make sure that someone hasn't submitted your idea before.
  2. Read the posting guidelines on the Suggestions page, and submit your idea using the Suggestion Proposal Generator.
  3. Be sure to fill out each field of the template, carefully following the formatting instructions.
  4. Please proofread your suggestion carefully before you submit it, because many people will read it.
  5. Wait for your idea to be posted. Since the Suggestions community is moderated, your suggestion will not appear immediately.

Suggestion to Implementation

After you submit your suggestion, other LiveJournal users will discuss your idea and may make further suggestions or improvements.
  • Migration: If your idea seems feasible after a discussion period, the maintainers of suggestions will migrate your suggestion to the LiveJournal bug- and project-tracking database, and will comment on the suggestion making note of this.
    • Implementation: After migration, implemented suggestions will appear in lj_releases when they are available. There is no set timeline for implementation.
    • Development Issues: Additionally, migrated suggestions may receive another comment to the suggestion entry explaining that they will not be implemented due to development issues.
  • No Migration: If the idea seems unfeasible, maintainers will comment with a note of that, and it will not be migrated at that time, but might be re-evaluated in the future.

Last Updated: October 4th, 2010

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