Why am I being logged out of LiveJournal? How can I solve this problem?

You can be logged out of LiveJournal due to problems with your browser, computer, Internet connection, and/or security software. First, try logging in again, as this may have been a temporary problem. If you are often logged out of LiveJournal, try these troubleshooting steps.
  • If your browser options are set to delete/expire cookies when closing, you will not stay logged into LiveJournal until you change that option.

  • Clear your browser's cache and delete all LiveJournal cookies in your browser. These browser changes will make sure you are actually logged out, instead of viewing an older saved version of the page.

  • Set your web browser to accept cookies from LiveJournal. Your browser's help files will contain information on checking cookie settings. You will also need to reconfigure any security, ad/spyware-blocking, or antivirus software to allow cookies from livejournal.com and its subdomains.

  • Check your computer's date, time, and timezone settings. If your computer's date is a few days ahead or behind, you may get logged out.

  • Disable the Bind to IP address: option, if you use it. This option does not work with some Internet providers, particularly with web access proxies or regular IP address changes (such as dial-up connections).

  • When the Remember me option is enabled, you will be logged out if you haven't visited LiveJournal in the past 60 days. With Remember me disabled, you will be logged out if you haven't visited LiveJournal in the last 36 hours.

  • Certain browser extensions may interfere with your login process. Disable your browser extensions to see if this allows you to log in. Then, re-enable each extension one by one to see if you can pinpoint which extension may be affecting your ability to log in. If you find that an extension is interfering with logging in to LiveJournal, you will need to leave it disabled when using LiveJournal unless you can modify its settings to allow use of LiveJournal, such as adding LiveJournal to the extension's whitelist. To do so, consult that extension's documentation.

If none of these suggestions help you, ask your Internet Service Provider to help troubleshoot because you are being logged out of a website that uses cookies for authentication.

Last Updated: April 7th, 2012

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