How do I delete my journal or community? How do I cancel deletion?

Purging is permanent and can't be reverted. If there's any chance that you can regret deleting your account in the future, you might want to change the entry's security level instead.

To delete your journal or a community you own, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Account Status page.

  2. On that page, select the name of the journal or community you would like to delete:
    • If you wish to delete your own journal, select your username in the Select account: field

    • If you wish to delete a community you own, select your community's name from the Select account: field

  3. Press "Switch".

  4. If you want to delete comments and/or entries you left in other journals and communities, activate the corresponding checkboxes.

  5. Click the "Delete" button.

Please note that in LiveJournal, your personal journal is your account; thus, by deleting your journal, you are automatically cancelling your account and unsubscribing from LiveJournal.

If you delete your journal or community as a 'temporary' measure, you must ensure you undelete it within the 1 year period using the same Account Status page. Once a journal or community is purged after a year, its content cannot be restored.

Visibility: When you delete your account, your journal and profile are hidden. You can also choose to hide any comments or entries you posted in other journals/communities.

1 Year: If you undelete your deleted account within 1 year, all of your entries, comments, and settings will be restored as they were before you deleted your account. Any community entries or comments in other journals that you chose to hide will also be restored. If your account stays deleted for more than a year, your settings and all of the entries and comments in your own journal are eligible for purging (permanent deletion) from LiveJournal's servers. If you also chose to delete your community entries or comments in other journals, they will also be purged at this time. Once your account has been purged, you will not be able to recover any of your journal's data, and LiveJournal staff cannot recover it for you.

Account with Professional package of services: Any account with Professional package of service time remaining on your account is neither transferable nor refundable. If you are enrolled in automatic payments, deleting your journal will stop future payments and your account with Professional package of service time will be credited through your last billing cycle. If you later undelete your journal, you will need to enroll in automatic payments again.

Search engine results: Please note that deleting your journal will not delete any content that may have been indexed and cached by third-party search engines.

Delete or protect individual entries: Instead of deleting your journal, you may prefer to delete individual entries, or change their security setting

Last Updated: August 2nd, 2022

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