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Frequently Asked Question #159. How do I make sure I am completely logged out of LiveJournal?

When you log into LiveJournal, a session is created on the server, allowing you to remain logged in throughout the site. If you have more than one active session, the Expire all my sessions option appears on the Logout page. If you do not want to expire all your sessions (for example, if you are logged in at a different location), you can view your current sessions and expire them individually.
If you believe that another person has accessed your account without your permission, you should immediately take steps to resecure your account. However, it's more likely that you closed your browser without logging out, which leaves your old session active. It's also possible that you're logged into LiveJournal on another computer.

When you log into LiveJournal, a session is created on the server, and a browser cookie is written to your computer. If this cookie is deleted, the session remains open, but you will need to log in again; this creates a new session. This old session is not a security risk, however, because the corresponding cookie isn't available anymore.

LiveJournal expires sessions after a period of inactivity. If you enabled the Remember me option, your session expires after 60 days of inactivity. Otherwise, your session expires after 36 hours of inactivity.

Last Updated: September 13th, 2009

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