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Frequently Asked Question #158. What is an app for LiveJournal? Where can I get one?

The information in this FAQ is outdated, the features described are no longer supported.

LiveJournal apps offer the same posting features as the web client, along with other options (downloading entries, drafts of entries, friends list tracking, friends page tracking, removing misencoded characters, signatures, and substituting text or images in lj user tags). Since every app has different options, you should consult your app documentation for specific details about its features.
  • Create a LiveJournal First: Downloading an app does not automatically create a journal for you.

  • Finding & Downloading an App: Select your platform on the Download an App page to see brief descriptions of available apps, links to any app home pages, and links to apps' journals (with yet more app information).

  • Connection Problems: If your app isn't connecting to LiveJournal, there may be problems with a firewall, a proxy, or the LiveJournal web site.

  • Client Feature Suggestions: Post your feature suggestion in the app journal or contact the app developer.

  • lj_dev is the general LiveJournal community for client development and technical discussion.

Last Updated: March 5th, 2020

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