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Frequently Asked Question #145. Why can't I use certain styles or customization options?

Your account level affects your choice of style and the methods and options you can use to customize that style:
Your style system also affects your customization methods and options. For instance, S1 uses overrides, while S2 uses a wizard customization interface and has better support for tags.

Style System 1

  • Style Availability: All S1 system styles are available to all users, but S2 has more styles.

  • Creation & Editing of Custom Styles: The ability to create or edit S1 custom styles is available only accounts with Professional or Permanent package of service.

  • Color Schemes: All users can choose a system color scheme or create their own color scheme for their journal. Some system styles, such as Notepad, Refried Paper, and Webley Boxes on White, have hard-coded colors that can only be changed with overrides or custom styles, not the color scheme options.

  • Overrides: Other S1 customizations are only possible with S1 custom styles.

  • No Customized Comment Pages: The S1 style system only supports comment pages in the site scheme.

Style System 2

  • Layout Availability: Accounts without additional packages can use the "Component" and "Expressive" S2 system layouts. Accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service can use the "Component", "Expressive" and "The Boxer" S2 system layouts. All users can use all S1 system styles, but S2 has more system styles available.

  • Creation & Editing of Custom Layers & Styles: The ability to create or edit custom layers or custom styles is available only to accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service.

  • Customized Comment Pages: all accounts can use customized comment pages in S2.

  • Wizard Customization Interface: All users can customize their journal with the wizard customization interface, which has different options depending on the S2 layout and their account level.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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