Why can't I use certain styles or customization options?

Your account type affects your choice of style and the methods and options you can use to customize that style:

Style System 2

  • Layout Availability: Accounts without additional packages can use most of the layouts from theme catalog. Accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service can also use "Premium" layouts.

  • Creation & Editing of Custom Layers & Styles: The ability to create or edit custom layers or custom styles is available only to accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service.

  • Customized Comment Pages: All accounts can use customized comment pages in journal's theme or in site scheme.

  • Wizard Customization Interface: All users can customize their journal with the wizard customization interface, which has different options depending on the S2 layout and their account type.

Style System 1

Style System 1 is no longer supported. If you have an old account that still uses it, you can switch to the current style system on the settings page by clicking on the "Switch to S2" button.

Last Updated: August 4th, 2021

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