What can I do if someone added me to their Friends list without my permission?

It is not a violation of LiveJournal's User Agreement for another person to add you to their Friends list. It does not allow the user who has added you any special access to your journal; it only allows the user to read your public entries on their friends page rather than going to your journal directly. It does not allow the individual who has added you any access to your Friends-only entries.
If you have had an individual add you to their Friends list, and you do not want them to read your journal, you can mark your entries as protected rather than public; there is no way to prevent them from reading your public entries. However, if you are simply uncomfortable with their username being on your Friend-of list, you have the ability to hide either their username or the entire list. There is no way to remove yourself from their Friends list.

Because adding another user to a Friends list is not a violation of the User Agreement, the Abuse Prevention Team will not take action in this case. If the user is otherwise violating the User Agreement, please contact the Abuse Prevention Team.

If you suspect that a user who friended you may be a bot, you can submit a bot report.

Last Updated: April 19th, 2017

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