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Frequently Asked Question #137. How do I watch feeds on my Friends list? What are syndicated accounts?

Feeds offer content from sites that update on a regular basis (such as blogs, news sites, or comics). Syndicated accounts on LiveJournal automatically update with a feed's latest content. You can add or remove syndicated accounts from your Friends list, while holders of accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service can also create new syndicated accounts.
If you have a feed you would like to add to your Friends list, you will need to know its URL. The site's RSS or Atom feed URL may be linked from an XML button on the site's main page, or from a text link. You can also contact the site's webmaster or support for assistance.

To add the feed, enter its URL at the bottom of the Syndication page.

  • If the feed URL is already being syndicated on LiveJournal, you will see an Add Friend page with the feed's username.

  • If it is not, and if you have an account with Professional or Permanent package of service, you will be able to create a new syndicated account for this feed URL. LiveJournal will prompt you for a username; this must be something that is not already in use on LiveJournal. Once you have entered your desired username, the syndicated account will be created and you will see an Add Friend page with the syndicated account's username. Note that entries for the new feed may not appear immediately after creation.

You can also browse the lists of the top 20 or top 1000 most popular syndicated accounts on LiveJournal.

Syndicated accounts automatically update with new entries when new content is posted in the feed. (For this reason, a large number of entries may appear when a syndicated account is first created.) Entries older than two weeks are deleted any time a feed updates.

LiveJournal supports RSS versions 0.9, 0.91, and 1.0 and Atom feeds of version 0.3 or above. While LiveJournal may accept feeds in other formats, they may or may not work, and LiveJournal cannot support their use.

Last Updated: November 16th, 2017

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