What are my login options?

When you log into LiveJournal, your web browser writes a cookie to your computer for two options: Remember me and Bind cookie to IP address. This browser cookie also keeps track of your LiveJournal session, so that LiveJournal doesn't ask you to log in for every page.

Log-in Options

  • Remember Me: When Remember me is disabled (default), you will remain logged in until you end your browser session, then your browser will delete the cookie. If Remember me is enabled, you will remain logged in indefinitely, and when you close and restart your browser, you will not have to log in to LiveJournal each time. In order to log out, you will need to visit the Logout page (also accessible by clicking Log out? at the top or bottom of each system page, depending on your choice of site scheme).

  • Bind Cookie to IP Address: If you enable Bind cookie to IP address, LiveJournal tells your browser to store your IP address in the session information for your cookie, so your cookie only works with that specified address. This option is not useful for dial-up Internet access, since your IP address changes too frequently. Also, this option does not stop you from logging into LiveJournal from another computer, but discourages account "hijacking".

  • Deleting Sessions: You can delete all currently logged in sessions with the Expire all my sessions option when you log out or selectively delete sessions with the Manage Your Login Sessions page while logged in.

  • Changing Login Options: Neither Remember Me nor Bind to IP Address is turned on by default, so your login expires when your browser closes and allows any IP address. While logged in, you can enable or disable these options at any time by visiting the Log In page, selecting your desired options, and clicking Save.

Special Characters for Login Options

You can also change these options by adding either ! or < (or both) to the end of your username when you log in. The character ! sets the Remember me option. The character < sets the Bind cookie to IP address option.


You can take additional steps if you cannot login or cannot stay logged in with any option combination.

Last Updated: September 12th, 2009

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