How do I view LiveJournal in a different language?

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Use the Display tab of the My Account Settings page to set your language preference for LiveJournal. You may need to log out and log back in in order for it to take effect.
If you have not set your preferred language, LiveJournal uses your browser settings to determine what language to display. You may want to change your browser's language settings if LiveJournal is displaying in a language you didn't expect.

Setting your language only affects LiveJournal system pages; individual journal entries will always appear in the poster's language. However, you can change the language for system links and dates in your journal. Additionally, not all system pages can be translated, and not all translatable pages have been translated into every available language.

Many LiveJournal system pages can be viewed in another language by adding ?uselang=XX to the end of the URL for the page, where XX is the standard code for the language you wish to view (or "en_LJ" for English). If a LiveJournal system page already has a ? in its URL, then add &uselang=XX instead.

If you would like to assist in translating LiveJournal into another language, please see How can I help?.

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Last Updated: February 1st, 2013

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