Why don't my images display? What is remote loading?

Images disappear if they are inaccessible to the viewer's web browser. For example, some web hosts prevent images from loading on other websites (such as LiveJournal). However, there are a number of other reasons why this can occur.
  • Local Files: Every picture you wish to display must be hosted by a web site that allows remote loading to LiveJournal. Pictures located on your desktop computer, such as those in your My Documents or My Pictures folder, are not actually on the Internet and cannot be seen by people who are not using your computer.

  • Correct URL: Check your image URL by visiting it in a web browser.

  • Correct Code: Check your image's code with the FAQ on adding images, the FAQ on adding a S1 background image, or the FAQ on adding a S2 background image.

  • Browser Settings: Check that image display options are enabled and that the image provider is not blocked in your browser or any other filter programs.

  • Host Problems: The actual display of the images is controlled by your image host. If your host is not displaying images, you may need to contact your host for assistance or switch hosting providers.

    • Remote Loading: Your images only display consistently when your image host supports remote loading to LiveJournal. Providers without remote loading only display images on their own pages or when the images are stored in your browser, so your images may seem to appear and disappear randomly.

    • Check Security Settings: Many image hosting providers allow users to establish a protected security setting on their images, which can prevent them from appearing to other LiveJournal users. Check to ensure that your images aren't protected when posting them for other users to view.

    • Contact Your Host: If your image's current host has technical difficulties, does not allow remote loading by LiveJournal, or has a bandwidth quota that you have exceeded, consult your image host's documentation or technical support staff for assistance.

    • Change Image Hosts: Upload the image file to another hosting site that supports remote loading to LiveJournal. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may provide you with free web space. Additionally, users can upload their pictures to ScrapBook.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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