How do I create a custom S1 style?

This FAQ applies only to the old style system (S1), which is no longer supported. See this FAQ for instructions for the newer style system.
Switch to S2 for the latest features and themes.
This FAQ applies only to accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service. To check your account type, please see your profile page.
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First, create a style. You can either create a blank style or base your style on an existing system style template. Then, edit your style at the Edit Styles page.
Whether you create a blank style or base your new style on an existing template, the default name for a new style is <username>-<view type>-new. (For instance, a new LASTN style of yours would be named exampleusername-lastn-new.)

You will need to change the name of your new S1 style by typing a new name under "Style Description" on the Edit Style page. Until you change the name of the style from the default name, you will be unable to create new styles for that view. The style creation page will not overwrite an existing style.

Under "Style Options" on the Edit Style page, you can choose whether the style is Public; this determines whether another LiveJournal user can see the code for your style.

You will need to save your style for any changes to take effect. You can then preview the style by using the customview link provided to you upon saving.

Once you have created a custom S1 style, you will need to explicitly choose to use that style for your journal.

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Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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