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What are the official LiveJournal communities?

LiveJournal staff and volunteers use many official journals and communities to:
  • improve the site and help users
  • announce important events, features, and site changes
  • improve the site's documentation and text
Some of these communities have open membership so anyone can join and post entries. Others are communities with closed membership so only staff or senior volunteers can join and post entries; you may still add them to your Friends list so you can see new entries on your Friends page.


These journals are used to discuss ways to improve the site and help users:
  • community_promo: You can advertise new communities or look for interesting communities.

  • community_quest: You can request the username of an existing community about a specific topic if it is not listed in community_promo.

  • howto: You can read tutorials on customizing journals using overrides and the S1 style system.

  • learn_support: New volunteers (with or without LiveJournal Support privileges) can post their questions to get advice and feedback.

  • lj_abuse: Abuse Prevention Team members discuss relevant information in a closed community restricted to the members of the LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team. If you want to join the Abuse Prevention Team, the Community Info has instructions.

  • lj_biz: You can discuss business matters related to LiveJournal.

  • lj_policy: You can discuss LiveJournal policies.

  • lj_design: LiveJournal team members discuss design questions, issues, and new ideas for LiveJournal with the community.

  • lj_dev: You can discuss development related to LiveJournal.

  • lj_nifty: You can post about nifty tools, undocumented features, and underdocumented features on LiveJournal.

  • lj_style: You can discuss the LiveJournal style system and display new styles, potentially for system use.

  • lj_support: Staff members and support volunteers discuss problems users face on LiveJournal. All Support Volunteers are required to read this closed community for news about policy changes and other important information.

  • lj_syndication: You can discuss the development of LiveJournal's syndication features.

  • lj_textmessage: You can discuss the development and enhancement of the text-messaging system on LiveJournal.

  • s2howto: You can read tutorials on customizing journals using the S2 style system.

  • suggestions: You can post suggestions on how to improve the site in any way and learn more about the suggestions process.

Official Announcements

These communities are used by staff members and senior volunteers to inform you about important events, features, and site changes:
  • changelog: Staff members post technical information about changes to the LiveJournal code.

  • lj_feedback: Staff members post polls, surveys and questions to gain feedback from you.

  • lj_maintenance: Staff members post important information about scheduled maintenance and unscheduled downtime.

  • lj_releases: Announcements and summaries of changes to LiveJournal, including new features, bug fixes, and other changes.

  • lj_spotlight: Staff members highlight the various interesting ways in which people use LiveJournal. If you have a story, you can submit it for consideration by following the instructions in the User Info of the community.

  • news: Staff members post important announcements of site information and changes.

  • lj_2008: Staff members post announcements related to the transition from a Six Apart division to a SUP-owned independent company.

  • paidmembers: Staff members post information about new features for the accounts with Professional package of service and other issues relevant to users of those accounts. Membership is limited to those who have or had a account with Professional package of service.

  • writersblock: Get the question of the day on your friends page by watching this community.

Documentation & Site Text

These communities are used to improve the site's documentation and text:
  • howto_userdoc: You can suggest additions and changes to howto and s2howto tutorials.

  • lj_translate: You can discuss the LiveJournal translation system. You can also request to join the translation team or suggest additions and changes to site text in the translation communities for your language.

  • lj_userdoc: You can suggest additions and changes to LiveJournal's FAQs.

  • lj_english: You can suggest additions and changes to the user interface text.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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