Can I ban someone from reading my public journal entries?

There is no way to ban a specific person from viewing your public journal entries. However, you can use higher security levels on individual entries or make all of your entries protected. For example, Friends-only entries prevent anyone who is not on your Friends list from seeing your entries. You can also turn off anonymous comments and ban particular LiveJournal users from commenting in your journal, without affecting other users' ability to comment.
If your entries are public, anyone can see them. Many people have suggested solutions other than protecting your journal, but these solutions are easy to bypass and so LiveJournal does not offer these options.
  • Ban a Username: If you banned someone from reading your journal when they're logged in under a certain username, the person could still read your public entries by simply logging out.

  • Ban non-LiveJournal Users: If you could restrict access to logged-in users, the person could easily make another LiveJournal account and continue to view your public entries.

  • Ban by IP Address: If you could ban someone by IP address, you would end up banning other people too, and the person you wanted to ban could still view your journal from a computer that connects to the Internet differently.

Last Updated: November 9th, 2006

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