Why am I having problems accessing pages on LiveJournal?

LiveJournal's network architecture is designed to grow with its userbase, but large numbers of users actively using the site at any one time can still cause problems. At times, you may see database errors when attempting to post or view your journal, due to extreme load on LiveJournal's servers. Your Internet connection, network configuration, or Internet browser may also prevent you from accessing LiveJournal quickly or correctly.
  • Error Messages: If you receive an error message when loading your journal or Friends page (such as "Style code didn't finish running in a timely fashion" or "Looks like Frank's nibbling on the wires"), then LiveJournal was unable to finish generating your journal's style or the page you're trying to view. Similarly, you may receive database errors when posting comments or entries. When this happens, refreshing your journal or re-submitting your entry will cause the page to display correctly.

  • Slow Page Loads: If you consistently have problems loading all LiveJournal pages, can never access the site without trouble, and your friends aren't having any trouble, the problem may lie with your Internet connection. Make sure your connection and web browser are configured properly and allow access to livejournal.com; you may need to request information and troubleshooting assistance from your Internet Service Provider.

  • Secure Pages: If you can't load secure LiveJournal pages (the account creation page, the gift shop's checkout page, or any other page whose URL begins with "https"), then your browser does not support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. You have two options:

    • Switch to a web browser which supports SSL or enable SSL support in your current browser. If you need to know whether your browser supports SSL and how to enable SSL support, please consult your browser's documentation or help files.

    • Try changing "https" to "http" and adding ?ssl=no to the end of the URL (for instance, http://www.livejournal.com/create.bml?ssl=no). Please note that disabling SSL may allow information transmitted by those pages to be intercepted by third parties.

  • Display Problems: Your browser settings or network configuration may prevent some parts of the LiveJournal site from loading or displaying correctly.

  • Partial LiveJournal Pages: If LiveJournal pages often load partway, you may be seeing a cached version of a temporary problem or your web browser may not support LiveJournal's web pages. If clearing your cache does not solve the problem, try upgrading your current browser or switching to a different browser.

  • Read-Only Mode: Journals may change to "read-only" mode during times of maintenance or high database load. When your journal is in read-only mode, you cannot post entries to it or change any account settings, and nobody can post comments in response to your entries. If your journal is still in read-only mode after five to fifteen minutes, LiveJournal may be experiencing larger server problems or an outage.

  • Site Maintenance: Visit the LiveJournal Status page for information on prolonged server or database "cluster" problems. You can also add news (newest site updates and site-wide issues) to your Friends list.

Last Updated: August 3rd, 2021

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