Why don't I receive emails from LiveJournal?

Several factors can prevent you from receiving LiveJournal email.

  • Correct Email Address: Verify that the email address on your account is correct at the Edit Profile page.

  • Notifications: If you are not receiving notification email,
    • Check that you have enabled the option for email notifications on the Notifications tab of the My Account Settings page.
    • Validate your email address.
    • Try disabling HTML email, if enabled.
    • If the Spam Protection setting is enabled, notifications about most suspicious comments and personal messages will not be sent.

  • Edit or Disable Spam Filters: Edit spam or junk mail filters on your email account.
    • Check your spam folder, and if you find any LiveJournal emails there, mark them as "Not Spam"
    • Add livejournal.com and/or and (the IP addresses used to send comment notifications and forward username@livejournal.com email) to your "allowed senders" list ("whitelist") and your address book.
    • If you cannot list an entire domain, add lj_notify@livejournal.com, lj-notify@livejournal.com, webmaster@livejournal.com, and do-not-reply@livejournal.com, since most of LiveJournal's notifications come from these addresses.
    • If you cannot edit the spam or junk filters, you may need to disable them entirely.
    • There may also be filters implemented by your email provider which you may not be able to see or control. This is especially common in workplaces and schools. These filters may be triggered by words, phrases or images in the content of a message, or may block specific senders, servers, or return addresses. You will need to ask your email provider if they use this type of filter.

  • Check Account Space: Check the space available in your email account. Many email service providers limit the amount of email you can store in your mailbox and reject messages after you reached a certain quota.

  • Check all folders in your email inbox: some email service providers automatically sort emails into special folders, like "Social" tab in Gmail.com.

  • Contact Email Provider: Tell your email service provider that you are not receiving legitimate emails from livejournal.com and ask about their filters. Since LiveJournal sends a high volume of automated messages, some providers mistakenly flag or delete them as spam.

  • Switch Providers: If you aren't receiving email from LiveJournal reliably after following all of the above suggestions, choose a different email address for receiving LiveJournal email. You may have to try several different email providers until you find one which works with LiveJournal reliably.

LiveJournal has no control over any email message once it has been sent. There is nothing further that LiveJournal can do to ensure that you receive the messages that are sent.

Last Updated: August 7th, 2018

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