How does my LiveJournal email address work?

Only accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service can receive email sent to their @livejournal.com email address. Anyone can send them email at that address. To check your account type, please see your profile page.
More information on account levels    → account with Professional package of service benefits

When you have an account with Professional or Permanent package of service, you have a @livejournal.com email address, where people can send mail: exampleusername@livejournal.com.
The @livejournal.com email address is not an actual email service where you can send email. It is only a forwarding service, also known as an email alias, that sends mail to you. Any mail sent to your exampleusername@livejournal.com address will be forwarded to the email address you listed on your Edit Profile page. There is no additional mailbox to check, no POP3 server, and no extra hassle of setting up another email account.

As an additional security measure, you can determine who sees your email addresses on your User Info page. On the Edit Profile page, look for the option labelled "Who can view your contact info?", and select your desired privacy settings.

You can completely disable your @livejournal email alias, while still receiving comment notifications and other emails from LiveJournal, by executing the following Admin Console command:
set no_mail_alias 1
You can enable your @livejournal email alias by executing the following command:
set no_mail_alias 0

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2017

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