How do I validate my email address?

When you create a LiveJournal account or change your email address, LiveJournal sends you a confirmation email where you click a validation link to validate your email address; replying to this email does not validate your address. If you did not receive a confirmation email, you can request another one.
Validate your email address to gain access to LiveJournal features (posting comments, posting entries in communities, receiving comment notification emails, changing your password, etc.). If someone else breaks into your account, you may not be able to resecure it unless you validate your email address beforehand.


There are several types of validation problems:
  • Not Arriving: If you did not receive a validation email, verify your email address at the Edit Profile page. If the address is correct, your validation email was most likely filtered by anti-spam filters.

  • Page Not Found or Invalid Validation Code: Compare the URL in your validation email with the one in your web browser's address bar to make sure they match exactly. Additionally, the link in the validation email expires after seven days.

  • Blank Messages: If your validation email is blank or garbled, your email service provider or email software doesn't support the UTF-8 text encoding. Consult the documentation or technical support for your service provider or email software to change to the UTF-8 encoding.
After you have resolved the problem, request a new validation email.

Last Updated: September 10th, 2010

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