What should I do if I'm receiving harassing or unwanted comments?

LiveJournal provides several technical solutions to help prevent comment harassment in your journal. The first thing that you should do if a user is leaving unwanted comments is to ban that user from commenting in your journal. To prevent unwanted anonymous comments, or to prevent LiveJournal users from commenting at you anonymously, you can disable anonymous commenting in your journal. Alternatively, you can set your journal so that anonymous users can only post "screened" comments, which means that you'll have to approve those comments before they appear to the public.
You should also enable comment IP logging for your journal. If you would like to take action outside of LiveJournal against whomever is harassing you, you will need to use their IP address to report them to their Internet Service Provider.

Comments posted by multiple LiveJournal users

If you are receiving unwanted comments from multiple users in your journal, you may wish to set your commenting settings to "Friends only" to stop non-friends from commenting on your journal. You can also make your entries Friends-Only, which will block everyone from accessing them except the people on your Friends list.

Comments posted in another person's journal or in a community

If you are receiving unwanted comments outside your own journal, you will need to speak to the journal owner or community maintainer for further assistance. The community's profile lists the maintainers' and owner's usernames. These people have the tools available to them to deal with the situation. If they are unwilling to help, you may wish to refrain from posting in those locations in the future.

Because there are tools to block users from commenting in your journal, the Abuse Prevention Team generally won't take action in cases such as these. However, if a LiveJournal user you have already banned is using alternate accounts to get around the ban you have placed on them, you should file a report with the Abuse Prevention Team, making sure to include links to comments that the user has posted.

Last Updated: August 17th, 2012

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