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Frequently Asked Question #105. How do I contact the Abuse Prevention Team?

If you're having problems with another user or believe someone is violating the User Agreement, you can file a report with the LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team. Before you file a report, read through the technical solutions in this section of the FAQ to see if you can resolve the situation on your own.

Quick help for the most common situations

I am being harassed on LiveJournal
Depending on the type of harassment, you may be able to resolve this without LiveJournal's intervention. Read about how to handle comment harassment, or stalking and threatening behavior.

Someone on LiveJournal is infringing on my copyright
Read about how to file a copyright infringement report.

I've found content that I feel is inappropriate for LiveJournal
Read about content that is prohibited on LiveJournal.

I'm getting spam comments to my entries
If you received spam comments in your journal, mark the comments as spam so that they may be reviewed by a team member.

Someone added me to their Friends list without my permission
While this may be annoying, this is not usually considered a violation. Read about LiveJournal's friending policies.
If the account that added you does not look like a real person's journal, it may be a spam bot. Submit a bot report to have the account investigated.

My account has been suspended, or placed in read-only mode
Read information on how to regain access to your account, if possible.

Reporting abuse

If you need to report a User Agreement violation, the Report Abuse form will guide you through the process. Your report and our communication with you is kept confidential. Only one report is needed to investigate a situation. Decisions are influenced only by LiveJournal's User Agreement and Abuse policies; additional reports or write-in campaigns will not affect the outcome of any situation. This form is the only way to request an investigation; do not email individual members of the Abuse Prevention Team or LiveJournal staff.

If your issue needs to be handled by a member of the Abuse Prevention Team, your information will be forwarded to a private area of the support center, and your request will only be visible to you and to members of the Abuse Prevention Team. You will get an email with a URL containing an authorization code that will allow you to view and comment on your request. To ensure your privacy, it's very important that you don't share that URL with anyone.

A response to your request may take anywhere from a matter of hours to several days, depending on the amount of investigation required. In some cases (especially reports concerning spam), due to the amount of volume received, you might not receive a direct response, though action may still be taken.

Last Updated: October 19th, 2021

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