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Frequently Asked Question #101. How do I join a community and read its entries on my Friends page?

If you are able to join a community, you can click the Join link at the top right of its Community Profile page or accept an invitation sent by a community maintainer. You can also watch the community by using the link on the upper right corner of the Community Profile; this will add the community to your friends list.

Most communities require you to join before posting entries. Joining or watching a community will not allow community members, moderators, maintainers or owners who are not on your Friends list to read Friends-only entries in your journal.
On both pages, communityname should be replaced with the name of the community.
  • Community Profile: http://community.livejournal.com/communityname/profile.
  • Join: http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=communityname.
Communities have three types of membership:
  • Open Membership: You can confirm your choice to join the community and to add the community to your friends list (also called "watching"). You can leave the box checked to add the community to your friends list or uncheck it to leave the community off your friends list. If you change your mind later, you can modify your friends list to add or remove the community.
  • Moderated Membership: When you confirm your choice to join, community owners and maintainers are notified that someone has requested membership. You will be emailed when your request to join is accepted.
  • Closed Membership: The join link will be disabled on the community's profile. An owner or maintainer must invite you to join.
You can choose to receive an email notification when you are invited to join a community. You can accept or decline a community invitation at the Manage Community Invitations page. Invitations are valid for 30 days, are the only way to join a closed membership community, and can be used with other types of communities.

Joining a community usually gives you membership and posting access. Membership allows you to see any Members-only posts, while posting access allows you to post entries to the community. When you join a community, public entries in your journal appear on the community's Friends page, but community members, moderators, maintainers and owners cannot view protected entries in your journal unless you add each member to your Friends list individually.

Eligibility for community membership is determined by its owners and maintainers; there are no LiveJournal rules to define requirements for community membership.

Last Updated: April 17th, 2011

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