Custom Styles

This page gives you links to where you can create, edit, and delete customized S1 styles. If you're using the S2 style system, go to the customize journal page. Read more about S1 and S2 styles here.

Advanced users can read more about the style system in the style documentation page and in the developer area.

Please note that only users of accounts with Professional package of service may create and use custom styles.

Quick Links

Embed your journal in your website
If you have an account without additional packages, your embedded journal will display in the same style as it appears on LiveJournal. Users with accounts with Professional package of service can fully customize the look of their embedded journals.
Modify your journal settings
Change your account's default style — either one of the system provided styles, or one you have created yourself.
Create a new style
Create a new style from scratch, or base your style on an existing public style.
Edit or delete an existing style
You can only edit styles "owned" by your account. In order to customize a system style, you must first create a new style based on that system style.
Style Browser
The style browser lets you browse through public styles created by other users.