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Custom Domain


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Custom Domain

You can use custom domain name for blog or community, for example, your-blog-name.com instead of your-blog-name.livejournal.com address.

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    Step 1
    First you need to buy a domain (look for any registrar) and cofigure DNS for domain LiveJournal IPs:,,

    More information domain purchase and DNS configuring you can find in FAQ.
    Step 2
    Your domain
    Step 3
    When linking a domain, a free SSL certificate by Let's Encrypt will be automatically used

    Operations with DNS settings can take up to several hours, depending on the domain zone and / or company that provides the DNS service. You can link a domain to LiveJournal only after DNS has been configured.

    The service is connected to the domain {{ vm.formDomainState.domain }}
    Connected and paid till {{ vm.formDomainState.until }}

    You can pause domain linking to LJ account (and continue it later without additional payments). Note that service is not prolonged for this period.