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Development Poll

We've spent tons of time working on infrastructure to keep the site alive. It's time to work on fun stuff again. Stuff that's user-visible. Stuff that you makes use of all this infrastructure we've built.

We're all working on most this stuff in parallel, because we all have different skills, but we're curious --- what are you most excited about? Based on your feedback we can rearrange groups to make sure we bust out what you care about soonest.

And don't worry --- we're still working on ScrapBook. We're putting it on modern hardware and reworking the UI, as well as sponsoring client development. But a lot of us are done with our parts in that now, so this poll is about where those employees focus most of their efforts.

Integrated Chat
Have optional chat rooms for users and communities. You could use it via the web or via a Jabber client. Might even have an option to archive logs on the server and let users browser them, based on security settings.
Sketches / Whiteboards
Insert sketches into your posts, and use a shared whiteboard to collaborate in chats with other users, especially useful for communities. But also good for things like playing drawing games together. (The shared whiteboard was done as a prototype already and we've been having lots of fun with it.)
Tag all your entries with, uh, "tags". Think keywords/interests like we already have, but for everything. And you can have your own tags, which initially become your public tags, but optionally let your friends adjust your public tags. Security enforced, of course, if non-public entries/pictures/etc. Then be able to search your journal for all hacking posts, or the entire community for all funny posts in the past 30 hours.
More Pretty
Get the Six Apart designers to make us more layouts and themes.
Podcasting / Audio
Leave a phonepost from your computer, instead of the phone. (Skype? IAX2? SIP?) Upload audio files as podcasts. Let the phoneposts be MP3 files instead of OGG/WAV (this is a legal issue, not technical).
More cellphone and mobile device integration.
Sxip / Typekey support
Securely use your LiveJournal identity elsewhere (if you give that site permission) without giving out your LiveJournal password. Likewise, use your identity from another site on LiveJournal. This would also enable 3rd-party LiveJournal tools/toys to work with your identity without risking giving out your password.