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Virtual Gift

Spiked Collar
From: Anonymous
Date: Tue Oct 13 17:13:02 2009

Lastly they reached the cage at the bottom of the deepest cave in all eternity. In that cage was the biggest werewolf you ever did see. Surely he'll know what we should get JD for her birthday? said Jynx. Dude... I think that is her present, whispered Kit. Ohhh, said Jynx with her mouth shut because now she was scared. We should put a collar on him so she can keep him for a pet and love him and pet him and lick him forever and ever and all eternity until the world explodes like the chaotic sphere of unstable natural gases that it is? YAY they both squeed in unison and it was the girliest sound ever to be heard in the cave. And that's what they did and they all lived happily ever after--especially JD and the wolf--the end.

PS apparently am not allowed coffee in the afternoon again, ever... idk why :p

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