Virtual Gift

Bear Hug
From: everbliss
Date: Tue May 6 02:38:02 2008

Dear Izzy,
You're probably thinking, "What the freakity-freak is this thing? Why am I receiving this? O shit do I have a stalker online? SHOULD I INFORM THE POLICE? WHERE'S THE DAMN RESTRAINING ORDER --"Okay, maybe I got a bit carried away there. HOWEVER. I (and Amy) want to give you this little virtual gift of adorability and wonder as a... as a thank you. Amy and I are really good friends, and it wasn't until (very) recently that we realized the reason this was so was because you, Miss Izzy, enabled us to meet. So... we're forever in your debt, and I hope you accept this little gift from us to show our gratitude.
P.S. Amy agrees with everything Satora has said ♥.
P.P.S. Happy Belated Birthday! We love you muchly!

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