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Virtual Gift

Green Apple
From: ajohn020
Date: Mon Jun 12 09:39:08 2017

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know, I figured out Lann became the Grey King, who is also the Shrouded Lord and the Merling King. Lann killed Garth who was either his father or brother and warred with his brother. I figured out the saying "no one is more accursed than the kinslayer" and the curse of the First King. I know the Grey King acquired greyscale and he was revived by his "Little mermaid". I know he was something of a blind giant and I know about the fertility vs death and dolorous stroke stuff which I call a grey/green cycle. I know about the sable cloak symbolism, the apple symbolism, the fool symbolism. I know the bael names have to do with kinslaying. I know Baelor was more influenced by prophetic dream and scrolls than he was by his faith. You are an amazing writer and I can see why this is taking so long. I could study your books for decades and still be discovering things. I think when the books are all finished and everything has been analyzed you will be considered greatest fantasy writer of the modern era. Marris serving under Iron Emmett in Long Barrow! Ha! I get it!!!!

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